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My Adventure in Science

This activity blends scientific vocabulary, collaboration, creativity and artistic skills. Students are introduced to Ada’s adventures and how to convey ideas and information with a comic book. The students create their own comic strip to tell a science story using given themes and words.

Primary school activity (90-120 mins)



We want to see if the perception of the students has changed. Before the activity ask the kids some short questions:

After the activity ask them similar questions to the start:

We want to see if the students are using scientific vocabulary or science methodology

Peer review

If time allows you can ask the student to peer review each other’s comic books.

When each group presents their comic strip, they state the Scenario and Science Words they were given before introducing their story. Guided by the teacher, the students should award marks out of 5 for:

Marks should not be given for how well the comic strip is draw but how they use their story telling and artistic skills in creative ways.


Introduce Ada’s Adventures in Science using the powerpoint presentation. The aim of the introduction is to show how to communicate scientific, and potentially complex, ideas using comic books.