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What Happened Next

This activity blends scientific vocabulary, collaboration, creativity and artistic skills. Some students will take part in a performance of the Ada story “Robotic Telescopes: How to find cool stuff in space”. The activity then invites all students to create their own ending for the story in the form of a comic strip or drawing.

Primary school activity (Key Stage 2) - 30 minutes



We want to see if the students’ perceptions of science and scientists have changed.

Before the activity ask the students how much they identify with these statements:

After the activity ask them how much they identify with similar statements to the start:

We want to see if the students are using scientific vocabulary or science methodology. Ask each group about the science content of their ending or allow the students to ask each other questions about their endings


Part I - Introduction

Duration: 5 mins

Part II - Comic Book reading

Duration: 5-10 mins

This part involves participation from the students. 5 volunteers will read for different characters in front of the class.

Part III - What Happened Next

Duration: 10-15 mins

In this final part of the activity the students will create their own ending for the story their classmates have just acted out.

Part IV - Conclusion

Duration: 5 mins

Students collaboratively working on their story ending and an example ending