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Ada wins Blue Peter badges

We are very pleased to announce that Edward and Laura have been awarded a much sought after Blue Peter Badge for creating and sharing Ada’s Adventures. The programme’s hosts so happy with the aims of Ada’s comic books and how we were sharing science exploration with children across the world that they sent us these badge.

Blue Peter badges

As a life-long fan of Blue Peter, Edward is particularly pleased. For those of you not in the UK, Blue Peter is a children’s magazine programme which has been running on BBC for 60 years. Children are encouraged to enter competitions set by the programme, where the prize is this badge. They are also awarded for acts of kindness and bravery, sporting achievement, and environmental quests.

Have a look at Brett Domino’s funny video explaining what the badge is.

The sharper amongst you will notice that these are not the ‘sheild’ badge but cloth ones. Only kids between 5 and 16 can get the shield badges, but we’re still over the moon!