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Kickstarter Success

After creating the 3 Ada comic books, Laura and I wanted to reach a large and broad audience with them. We wanted to share Ada’s optimism with kids in particular who might be interested in science but didn’t have the encouragement to find out more. We want to not only inspire kids but also empower them to believe that science is something they can do.

We initially thought about printing a 1000 copies and send them to schools we’ve worked with in Wales. Then we thought, we can do better - Ada can do better. So we made a Kickstarter campaign to send Ada to schools all around the world.

This is our promotional video:

The Kickstarter campaign was successful and has allowed us to do things that we never would have been able to do with out it:

We are so grateful to the support of our 163 backers who took us 26% over our pledge goal.

Thank you all!